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Does Size Matter More Than Stroke?

The age old question of “does size matter” will forever remain the elephant in the room of any sexual conversation and the factor that leaves many men feeling less than equip for a stellar sexual performance.  In the last three months I’ve received quite a few letters from men around the world who can’t seem

Sex Positions

Sex Position of The Week: Yab Yum

Intimacy is the name of the game with this week’s sex position.  Known as YAB YUM, this position is used in tantric practices to help couples align their energy before joining their genitals together.  This position allows the genitals to make a connection through conscious breathing and...

Tips & Techniques

How To Begin an Erotic Journal

Journaling is a great way to connect with yourself and to release the thoughts in your head that may be causing your mind to become cloudy.  Whenever I receive letters from clients who are seeking advice on how to work through their relationship issues or their sexual...

Sex Positions

Sex Position of the Week: A King’s Feast

It’s often stated that it’s better to give than to receive, but in the act of sexual intimacy receiving is just as good as giving.  This week’s sex position is dedicated to the men who love to go down, and to the women who love to spread...

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