The V-Zone: What’s Between Her Legs

As I was sitting waiting to film a scene for a pilot I was in, I began to have a conversation with the ladies in the waiting room about sex and women's bodies. Most of the women in the room were in their mid twenties and older, and it completely shocked me to find out that a few of the women had no idea what the parts between their legs were, what their functions were and why they were there. Now, I may be a bit more advanced in knowledge than the average woman because of my brief education in anatomy, but every woman should at least know that the vagina is not the entire fleshy mass that sits in between her legs.   The "v zone" between a woman's legs is called "THE VULVA" and it houses several parts that function in waste removal, protection of the genitals and sexual reproduction. The Diagram above labels all the major parts of the Vulva, however, the anus is not a part of it (this diagram shows the distance of the anus in relation to the vagina).  I'm taking you back to health class! Read the descriptions below to learn about the vulva and become better educated about one of the great wonders of the world!


The Mons pubis is the soft mound of fatty tissue that covers the pelvic bone at the front of the vulva that is covered in pubic hair. It is the "V" shape that most people are familiar with between a woman's legs. The size of the Mons Pubis varies from each woman depending on the fat content of her body.


The Labia Majora (or major lips) are the two thick folds of skin that are formed from the Mons pubis splitting in two. These lips are also covered in pubic hair ( after puberty sets in) and protect the more delicate parts within the vulva.  The labia majora start at the tip of the mons pubis (the pudendal cleft) and ends at the perineum (flat part between the vagina and the anus known as "the gooch").


The Labia Minora (or minor lips) are the two soft folds of skin that sit within the Labia Majora. They provide another layer of protection for the Mucus membrane and inside skin of the vulva. These lips can sometimes extend past the Labia Majora and vary in color and size for every woman.


The clitoris sits at the top of the vulva and is covered by a flap of skin called the clitoral hood that protects the clitoris.  The visible portion of the clitoris is called the clitoral glans.  The clitoris is usually the size of a pea and consists of many nerve endings which makes it one of the most sensitive parts of the body. The physical makeup of the clitoris is similar to that of the head of the male penis. The labia minora also connect to the clitoris. The function of the clitoris is simply to bring pleasure. Scientists have found no other known function of the clitoris beyond


The urethral opening sits right below the clitoris and right above the vagina. This opening leads to the bladder and is where urine is excreted during urination.


Right below the urethral opening and above the perineum (gooch) is the opening to the vagina. The vagina is a collapsed muscle and the opening to it is usually closed until something is inserted inside.  The vagina is a fibromuscular tubular tract that leads to the uterus where fetus grow into babies during pregnancy.  The vagina is a self cleaning organ that maintains it's own ecosystem of healthy bacteria.



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  • Norm

    Great post! This isn’t taught in school, and it should be, especially to girls. It isn’t the kind of conversation a man strikes up with a stranger on an elevator or on the bus, but I have had several woman friends and lovers who had no idea that women’s parts down there vary as much as men’s do. Guys in a locker room or communal shower can’t help but notice that some guys have little nubs; some guys have big clubs; most guys are somewhere in the middle; and shapes vary quite a bit.

    Girls and women in similar locker-room situations might notice some differences in the outer labia among other women, but most of the parts and all indicators of size are hidden from view. Unless a woman has had intimate partners who are women, has asked her OB/GYN doctor about it, or has spoken with a male lover about the physical characteristics of his previous female lovers, many don’t realize that there is tremendous variation among women with regard to vagina size, shape, angle, and the sizes, and the features of all of the parts.

    Part of the beauty and wonder of life is in discovering and exploring the variation among us.

    October 22, 2012 Reply
  • Adi

    hi welll i dont what type of sex toy to look. what should i doo?

    March 25, 2014 Reply
  • BanglarManoosh

    she can’t help it. And she won’t make a sweak because that’s just not her even thoguh I tell her these things will help. Does clinching up as tight as posable with out relaxing at all help or hamper? Would trying to be rhythmic help. I’ve heard that rather than clinch up try to bear down a little, is this true? What can You tell me about immediately before climax can be done to encourage it? And is what my wife’s doing stifling it? For me it builds to a point of no return and natural reponce takes over. How does the natural reponse in a woman take place? She seems to get so darn close and I want to feel like a man again! I would live your insight. Sinsearly Cory.

    February 10, 2016 Reply

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