For Him: Why Women Date Unattractive Men

Fellas, you've all experienced it before: You're in a public place, perhaps walking down the street or having lunch with coworkers, and you see this fine ass woman cuddled up on the arm of a man that looks like he could be the first cousin of King Kong.  In your head you're thinking, "why the hell is she with him?? He must be rich or something,"  as the couple continues on their journey leaving you to fantasize what it would be like to have that gorgeous piece on your arm.  In a situation where a super hot woman has been paired up with a man that we all know she would never give a chance even on his best day, it's definitely safe to assume that she is with him because of his status or his money, but the real question is why?

A lot of men label these women as "gold diggers" and pin them as superficial and manipulative, but the real motivation for this type of behavior is rooted in two words: MATERNAL INSTINCT.  Now, I know you're thinking, "what the hell does being a mother have to do with a woman choosing to date a man she's really not attracted to all because of his money?" Allow me to Explain...

When choosing a mate, women have an internal instinct that makes them seek out men that will (a) allow them to produce healthy babies, and (b) will be able to support and care for the children financially.  According to studies conducted by Austrian Scientists, women will often sacrifice physical attraction and sometimes comfort for a man with financial stability and status.  In this study, a picture was taken of two different men, one that was rated as attractive and one that rated low on the attractive scale.  Each man was put on a score card and given an imaginary job. The "attractive" man was given a salary of $24,000 a year, while the less attractive man was given a salary of $350,000 a year. When these score cards were shown to random women on the street and asked to be ranked on a level of 1-10, the more attractive man scored less overall because of his low paying job, while the less attractive man received a high score across the board because of his 6 figure salary.  Each woman was then interviewed and asked about the reasoning behind their scoring, and all of their answers boiled down to one word: STABILITY.

Sure, there are some women in the world who have selfish motives and marry simply for the love of money, but at the core of every woman is that maternal instinct and the desire to procreate. It is an innate part of all humans because our basic purpose in life is to populate the earth and preserve the human race.  There are a lot of women that will work with what a man has to offer and will date him based off of physical attraction and not so much the amount of money he has, but many will sacrifice looks when marrying simply for a more stable future without worries about where the next meal will come from or who will pay the bills.  IT'S ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN..well the future children that may be produced.  Sex appeal and a woman's interest in you all depends on if she feels you will be a good father and provider for her children.

So the next time you see that odd looking couple, remember that it's not about his looks or his personality. It's all about his ability to be a financially stable father.


"The Science of Sex Appeal" TV show-Released 2009..TV-14 Channel Planet Green

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