From The Male Perspective: 11 Ways To Spice Up A BJ

There is an art to performing oral sex, and just as there are varied mediums in art used to create a masterpiece, there are a plethora of techniques that a woman can use to take her oral sex skills from lack luster to porn star quality!

Most of the posts on my blog are written from the perspective of a performer on how to execute a successful blowjob, but in this post, I bring to you a fresh prospective from the receiving end. I have a submission coming from Lagos, Nigeria from a Biology Major with a knack for writing. His name is @iamseye, and he wants to let all of you ladies reading out there how to get your oral presentation down to a science! So without further delay, Here are Alabi's "11 Ways To Spice Up A BJ".

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"Here is the Truth: Men are very delighted when we get a blowjob (this should help you get over your insecurities right?)

Be adventurous and try out the tips below to help you get the best out of your sex life!

1. Women are actually so focused on sucking only the penis that they forget to get other erogenous zones of the male body involved like the hip.

2. Use your hands to stroke his shaft well.

3. Women generally ignore the balls which actually turns us on when you grab hold of them.

4. Women, please don't solely focus on the head of the penis when there is so much more to offer.

5. We like surprises, and a BJ doesn't need to be reserved strictly for foreplay. Welcome us with a blowjob when we return home from work, or while watching TV/reading in our library.

6. We love women that are very adventurous. So try this out give us a BJ in front of the mirror. It makes us feel so good when we are able to see you naked and unhindered in the mirror.

7. The meatus. Lick it !! The meatus is the hole at the tip of the penis.

8. Suck lightly on the raphe between the scrotum (the line that separates the balls).

9. Ladies, give the guy something to do. Playing with your nipples is a good idea.

10. The place where the tip meets the shaft is the Corona. Grab the corona of the penis with your lips tightly, apply a bit of pressure and repeat the process.

11. Most guys complain of dryness during BJs, so my advice to you is to use as much saliva as possible to increase lubrication and comfort."

So there you have it ladies! Take as much if the information as you want and use it! The key is to have fun, be safe and experiment!


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  • jbear

    Love the tips!

    February 2, 2014 Reply
  • Yalisa

    Linda, I enjoy your matter-of-fact style. This, or any sucbejt, shouldn’t be a big deal to discuss if if questions are asked seriously.It’s always nice when a man is very vocal about the pleasure he receives from oral sex. Some like to thrash around as if they were fending off a shark attack on dry land. Others will put their hands on the back of your head and sort of guide the blower’s head up and down and help time the rhythm. Some men, however, are kind of quiet. Silence doesn’t mean that they’re not enjoying it, I almost think it’s sort of concentrated focus on the sensation. Still, the ultimate sign of pleasure would have to be the orgasm and ejaculation. Of course, as the blowee, it’s always a good idea to give the blower a heads up, no pun intended, on the impending ejactulation. Not one everyone appreciates a mouth full of unexpected, salty, semen.In addition, every man does not respond to oral sex in the same way. For example, some men can cum in two seconds from oral sex and some men, although they may enjoy and appreciate the attention, are not going to ejaculate from oral sex alone. We’re all wired differently and it is not a reflection ont he skill of the blower. It’s always been amazing to me that men are typically so guarded about their emotions and showing any type of vulnerability, yet we will stick our penises in a mouth with two rows full of teeth before the invitation is completely out of someone’s mouth. It is literally exposing our throats to the alpha male in the pack. We are never more vulnerable.In regards to technique, I find that making a ring along the base of the penis with your thumb and first finger helps tremnedously. The underside of the head and the opening at the top of the penis are especially sensitive. Variety is truly the spice of life when it comes to oral sex and the best advice I have ever heard on the sucbejt was to imagine the penis was a tiny version of your partner and make love to the penis as if it were the whole man.In closing, I would like to add that I think that the name blow job is sort of misleading. You would sort of expect to blow into the uretha and get a little TOOT sound like a party horn. Better yet, wouldn’t it be cool if you could inflate your partner like a balloon through his penis. You could tie a knot in his member and watch him float about, occasionally knocking his head on the ceiling. Of course, if the knot came undone, he would sort of haphazardly fly all about the room and possibly break some of your nicer things. Still, it would be something to watch.Now, that we have discussed how to know if he’s enjoying oral sex, I think equal attention should be give to how to know if she is enjoying oral sex.

    February 10, 2016 Reply

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