FOR THE THRILL: Top 5 Places to Perform Oral Sex

LADIES, Whether you love it or hate it, fellatio is adored by men and there's nothing better than a woman that knows how to do it right and enjoys it!  We hear about it in almost song that plays on the radio and it's referenced to in almost every form of media you can think of (subliminally and blatant.)  Good Head is accepted at any time and at any place, but here are the TOP 5 places men like to receive oral sex according to my survey.#1  THE CAR

vroom vroom! start it up!   95% of the men surveyed chose the car as their favorite place to receive oral sex. Whether speeding down the highway, taking a relaxing drive along the lakefront, or simply resting at a stoplight, pleasuring your partner while he's commanding the wheel takes the monotony out of the drive and gives him the ultimate rush for an AMAZING ORGASM!  Next time you are in the car with your man, reach over and give it a try. Just make sure he doesn't crash into anything!


"The Public comes in as a close second for favorite places to receive that "good ol mouth."  Men are natural thrill seekers and the adrenaline that rushes through the blood with the thought of being caught heightens the experience. The ego boost that comes from the public display of affection and showing the world how lucky he is isn't bad either =) .  So whether you're in the park taking in the sunset on a cozy bench, in the club in VIP, in the back row of the movies or on a plane headed to a new city, oral PDA will get him off every time. Just be prepared for some stares, laughs and frowns, and make sure you have some Bail money on standby.


 (SIGH) There's nothing better than hot breakfast, hot sex and a steamy shower to get your morning started. According to the men surveyed, combining sex and getting clean are the best of both worlds. 55% picked the shower as a favorite place to receive oral sex, and considering the flowing water adds more lubrication, there's no wonder this location came in 3rd! Next time you step into the shower, ask your man to join you and send him to work with a smile on his face.


Tying with the shower at 55%, but placed in forth, is the classic option of the bedroom as the best location to receive oral sex. The privacy of four walls and the comfort of a familiar place creates an atmosphere where ANYTHING GOES! Ladies, when in the bedroom with your man, don't be afraid to experiment with different positions and let him cum wherever he wants. Afterall, there is a shower down the hall to wash off  =).


Head at the workplace came in last at 40% of the votes, but it's definitely not the last place men like to receive! Surprising your man while at work and serving him under his desk while heading a major meeting will definitely go down in history as one of the best times he's ever had. If you haven't tried it yet, stop by for an impromptu visit during his lunch break and show him who's really BOSS!

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  • kev

    What do you do with a woman who loves to be licked…..1 time only. Then penetration and …that’s it? She love’s it but only wants 1..i repeat 1 orgasm oral and 1 with penetration. I’ve kissed, felt, playfully spanked.

    September 8, 2011 Reply
    • glamerotica101

      some women just know what they want. It’s frustrating when you want more than she does, but the best thing to do is communicate how you feel with her and try new things to get her in the mood to do more. I will have a post coming soon about positions for clitoral stimulation

      September 8, 2011 Reply

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