For Her: Decoding His Body Language in Sex Positions

Body language can tell us a lot about a person even before they speak a word. Crossed arms during a conversation indicates being closed off or uninterested and darting eyes are a sign of a fleeting mind or fabrication, but did you know that certain sex positions can tell you how a man really feels about you? If you never knew, then you're in luck!  Here are a few basic sex positions and their body language decoded!

Woman on Top


A man who prefers for a woman to be on top and in control are men who are playful in bed and have your satisfaction in mind first and foremost. Being in a cowgirl position (or reverse cowgirl) allows a woman's clitoris to be stimulated along with penetration, so you are able to control your pleasure (awww he really cares!).

Doggie Style


A man that prefers this position is the "take charge" kind of guy that wants you to feel cared for, however, he may be a bit reserved in completely showing you how he feels about you. So to avoid exposing himself emotionally, doggie style is his position of choice (there is no eye contact during doggie style so you can't see the emotions in his eyes).



Men who default to missionary positions are men who are loyal companions who do things by the book. They are stable, tender and loving mates who will go the distance, and they aren't afraid of letting you know how they feel (the eye contact in missionary creates a connection that allows you to read his thoughts..after all, the eyes are the windows to the SOUL).

Side By Side


A man who likes side by side sex tends to me more on the sensitive side and needs reassurance of your feelings for him (thus the reason he wants to be close to you..the closeness creates an intimacy that reassures you actually are into him...you only let people you truly like all up in your personal space like that!) This man is usually sweet and affectionate, which is a good sign for a woman that wants a man that can be gentle and in touch with his emotions.

Now when you're having sex, you can deepen your understanding of your partner and take more from the experience than just a relaxed body and a satisfied vagina! :-)

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  • Amanda Harrell

    Great info…now I know why he prefers certain positions…adore him even more now. Thanks

    May 10, 2013 Reply

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