Just The Tip: Benefits of Shallow Entry

Almost every sexually active person has played the game before. You know, the game where you're so horny yet not ready to get into the full swing of sex so "just the tip" of the iceberg is inserted to get a preview of the action. Yea, the "just the tip" game.

Both men and women know that this little flirtation with the vagina is a way to get a woman to let down her guarded walls and allow entry into her land of milk and honey, but did you know that this little act of trickery actually has benefits?

Yes, I said it!

There is a benefit to using just the tip of the penis in shallow penetration!

Want to know why? Great! I'll tell you why.

The head of the penis contains hundreds of nerve endings making it the most sensitive part of the organ. Likewise, the opening of the vagina contains hundreds of nerve endings and holds the tightest grip around the penis, so not only will the female partner feel a great deal of stimulation but her partner will as well.

Shallow penetration provides a high amount of stimulation for both partners, a tight fit and a pathway to pure ecstasy. Stimulating these nerve endings will send the body into higher arousal states bringing both partners closer to orgasm.  Don't believe me? Try out the shallow stroke technique for yourself!

Whether in missionary, doggie style or spooning position (spooning position will be the tightest point of entry during shallow penetration) the male partner should enter the female partner's vagina with JUST THE TIP of his manhood and give his partner 5 quick, shallow strokes before going deep into the vagina on the 6th stroke. Take 5 long, deep strokes to return back to the shallow penetration of 5 slow short strokes and then go back into her goodness for more deep stimulation.

Play around with the technique! When the tips of the genitals meet, so many messages of arousal and desire are sent to the brain allowing both bodies to connect on an energy level.  "Just the tip" may sound silly at first, but the tip of entry leads to a long road of erotic satisfaction!

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