Lgbt LOVE: 10 Tips that will Spice Up Your Sex Life

Great communication, healthy finances, and amazing sex are my three core relationship essentials! I believe in being a lady in the streets but a super freak in the sheets or on the floor or the kitchen counter, but we'll get to that shortly. Sex should be a top priority in all relationships, not only same sex relationships. Sex is the way one shows one's love for one's partner by pleasuring one's partner physically. The key to relationship success is maintaining the connection mentally and physically. Couples often lose connection because couples stop courting and communicating with each other. I am a hopeful freaky romantic, and I want to share some easy ways to keep your sex lives hot & spicy! Here are 10 tips that will help you keep your relationship fabulous while keeping your sex lives freaky!

1 | Communication Is Key | Tell your partner what you want! I cannot stress the importance of communication in relationships enough! Tell your partner what your fantasies are, fetishes you would like to explore, what you like, what you don't like and compromise as a couple with what you are comfortable with. Communication only makes it easy for couples to master the art of pleasuring one another sexually, along with hands-on experience, pun intended!
2 | Fearless Freak | Don't be afraid to try new things! Tell your partner about your fantasies, add an adult toy, try that flavored lube, and have fun while doing it! Try adding a new element to your bedroom as often as possible or as often as you like. Let your guards down and don't be afraid to be sexually liberated for the pleasure of yourself and your partner!
3 | Romance | Never stop dating your lover! It is imperative to continue courting your lover. Date night is something I encourage all couples to do. It definitely keeps a freshness attached to your relationship and often reminds couples why they got togerther in the first place. I also love date night because I love the second part of the date, the sex part. When she makes me feel special, it makes me want to make her feel special. In relationships, one gets what one gives. The more love one gives ones partner the more love one will receive from ones partner.
4 | Sex for Breakfast | Sex is the best alarm clock of all time! I love waking up in the morning to mind blowing sex and an fabulous orgasm. It will make both of you get a wet energetic start to the day! Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Don't miss it!
5 | Sex In Strange Places | In the elevator, in the bathroom at the Abbey in West Hollywood three times, at the dinner table, yes friends, these are the many places my girlfriend & I have got it in! There is something about the possibility of being caught that drives me crazy! I suggest that couples have sex as much as possible in as many places as possible! The thrill makes these orgasms the most exciting! Ladies make sure you rock a dress, skirt, or short shorts for easy access!
6 | Lingerie | Their is never ever a wrong time for lingerie! I wear lingerie when I cook, clean, and, of course, when I want to seduce her! Your mate will love having easy access to your body, and it's important to be sexy and confident in your body for your mate and for yourself!
7 | Sex Toys & Accessories | The sex store or adult toy store is one of my favorite places on earth. From dildos to whips to lube to sex swings and ticklers, the sex store has every material thing in the world to enhance ones sex life!  It's super fun to go to the sex store with your partner, pick out things together, and explore fantasies together while you shop!
8 | Spontaneous Sex | The best sex is sex that is unexpected! I never know when my girlfriend may throw me up against a wall and rip my panties off! Likewise, she never knows when I may come to the office wearing nothing but a trench coat, a garter belt, heels, and red lipstick. Spontaneous sex really shows how much you care and how much you may need an orgasm before your next business meeting for the day!
9 | Porn | Porn is a great addition to every bedroom. Porn can be as informational as it is visually stimulating. If you are comfortable with cameras don't be afraid to create a few home videos of your own and make sure you delete them right after you and your lover watch!
10 | Have Fun! | I saved the best for last! Everytime couples have sex it should be fun, passionate, liberating, and exciting! Have fun in your sex life! The more you communicate and express the physical love you share the better your relationship will be!
By: Kat Harris

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  • Tman

    You are so fantastic,my love life has improved since visiting your blog.Nr 1,3 & 10 they are my fovourate keep up the good work it is much appriciated.

    March 9, 2015 Reply
  • Tammy Carrington

    thank you for the info i will use it

    April 19, 2015 Reply

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