F*cking VS. Love Making

F*cking and Love making are often used synonymously, but they are, in fact, two different things. F*cking is based off of pure physical attraction and fueled by lust, whereas Love Making is based off of a spiritual connection and is fueled by passion.  I'm writing this post not to say that one form of intercourse is better than the other or that one is wrong or right, but to clear up the misconceptions that some sexually active people have about F*cking and Love Making. Let's not get it twisted, there are one time flings in both sexual situations, but there is a time and a place when each of these should be used. Wondering what the hell I'm talking about? Let me explain...

Love Making

Love making requires that each partner have an understanding what the other needs sexually and requires a true spiritual connection. Each person's goal in this type of situation is to truly satisfy the needs of his or her partner while caring about their well being during the process. Embrace and caress are techniques uses in love making that encourage unity and closeness and seals the "soul ties" associate with the spirituality in Love making.  Because Love making deals with more matters of the soul and energy flow, it is understood that deeper feelings of "love" or passion must exist in order to truly enjoy the full experience. The goal of both partners in love making is to reach a climax together and to both be satisfied at the end of the experience....MUTUAL SATISFACTION. If there is no emotional bond, then it's simply just sex..which leads me to my definition of F*cking


F*cking is fueled solely by lust and desire. When two people meet, are physically attracted to each other and have undeniable sexual chemistry, chances are they will be f*cking within a week of meeting  or longer depending on the standards of the two people involved. F*cking does not require for both partners to be in tune with each other's spiritual energy or to even care about what the other needs sexually. Usually, each person is out for his or herself in trying to see if they can out sex the other.  When F*cking is described, terms such as "beating", "cutting" or "smashing" are often used signifying rough contact with little embrace.  The sex is very animalistic, paying little attention to the emotional and spiritual aspect of sex and putting emphasis  merely on reaching the climax.

So as you can see, both sexual experiences are very different in nature and are useful in different situations. Some times you simply want to F*ck  hard, mighty and long with no strings attached, and sometimes you want to feel a soul bond and the energy essence of another person to reach the ultimate orgasm.  In whatever situation you engage in, make sure your partner knows what is about to go down because you don't want to mislead him or her and cause them to end up in a situation where their feelings are hurt, or their sexual organs.

What do I prefer?? Wouldn't you like to know lol =D

**HIV and HPV are running rapid in the streets so USE PROTECTION in either case..Safer Sex is GREATER sex**

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  • Diary Of A Phat Kat

    My Husband and I talk about this all the time! Great post 🙂 I’ll be following you for sure!

    March 30, 2012 Reply
  • Lookey Lookey

    Having experienced both, I will say this, lovemaking is more intense but harder to come by. When mind and body are in sync, the experience is heightened incredibly! Fucking on the other hand is great also and can be accomplished with strangers or those with whom one is in love. Too often people end up fucking the ones they love simply because they are not in syn at that moment!

    April 8, 2012 Reply

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